How to write an article

A good starting point could be to decide whether you will add content to already existing articles or you will create a section.

Creating an article:

There are several ways to do it:

  • If you want to add contents to an existing section just double click it (e.g: Taxonomic issues) and press the "edit" tab.


  • If the section is empty then you will find a “create ” tab instead of the edit tab.

Create tab.JPG

  • You can also highlight and link a word  (e.g: imagine you are reading somebody else’s article with the following sentence “scientific databases” and you’d like to write in deep about scientific databases you have two options:

        1)   Click [Show WikiTextEditor]Wikitexteditor.JPG  then highlight "scientific databases" and press   the internal link tab.   Internallink.JPG   This way the link is created and you can start writing.

          2)  Highlight scientific databases and click the link icon from the editor  Link tab.JPG  This mode is  more difficult because it requires that you specify the URL. Let's explain this issue a bit more:

  • You are in Music Therapy section and want to create a new article within this section. The article will be titled: Scientific Databases.Once you higlighted scientific databases you'll click the link icon and you will write the following in the URL field : 


After pressing "ok" the text will look like this:


Don’t forget to save your changes!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you experience any difficulty while collaborating with INPTP