Taxonomic issues

The exact definition of taxonomy varies depending on the discipline and its objects of study but an unspecific or general definition should always include a core concept:

The identification, naming, and classifying of....

In the case of NPTs taxonomy is a leading issue. Non-pharmacological therapies have been already identified and named but few are the attempts to classify them as well as to provide them with some structure.

What bench mark could be used in order to classify them?

  • Efficacy
  • Type of intervention (group or individual, caregiver or patient focused, cognitive/behavioural/ physical, maintenance Vs improvement, etc)
  • Intervention's outcome measures

Recommendation Table for NPTs According to EBM


Recommendation Degree
Family Caregiver
Professional Caregiver



Multi Component


Cognitive Stimulation

ADL Training

Music Therapy

Behavioural Interventions

Physical Exercise

Massage & Touch

Training and Education

Counselling and Case Management

General Education

Mechanical Restraints Preventive Programmes


External Aids


Validation Therapy

Support and Psychotherapy

Multisensory Interventions

Caregiver Support

Respite Care

Animal Therapy

Light Therapy

Art Therapy

Recreation Therapy

Multi Component Interventions